About Us

Main St. Psychological Centre (MSPC) is a group of psychologists in private practice. We’re located in a beautiful landmark building in The Beach neighbourhood of Toronto.

MSPC psychologists provide psychological assessment and treatment services to children, adolescents and adults. Treatment services include individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy.

Our psychologists provide professional, caring and confidential services. We work hard to be flexible and responsive to each individual’s unique needs.

We invite you to read further to learn more about our psychologists and the services we provide. Please feel free to contact our administrative staff directly to discuss our services.

About MSPC


Professional. Caring. Confidential.

Our psychologists are all highly educated and trained with a doctoral degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) in psychology and are registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. We bring a high level of professional education, training, and experience to the work we do helping people.

Dr. John VanDeursen

Dr. John VanDeursen, Director

Dr. John VanDeursen is the Director and senior psychologist at MSPC. He maintains a full-time practice in the areas of Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Saskatchewan). He has 27 years practice experience including extensive background in hospitals, community mental health facilities, education and multidisciplinary rehabilitation settings. Since 1996 he has maintained a full-time private practice.

He works with a wide range of presenting concerns and people of all ages providing both treatment (individual, couples and family therapy) and psychological assessment services (with extensive experience in psychoeducational assessment and third party independent psychological examination; including both medical-legal psychological assessment and insurer examination). He is a highly experienced psychologist whose practice includes work in the areas of adjustment and stress/coping concerns (home, school, work), mental health (i.e. anxiety, depression, etc.), relationship based difficulties (often working with couples and families) and addictions. He additionally works extensively with people suffering injury and disability (general injuries, complex injuries/disabilities, chronic pain and traumatic brain injuries). He particularly has a longstanding special interest working with adolescents/young adults and their families.

Dr. Lawrence Dong

Dr. Lawrence Dong is a Clinical and School Psychologist. He has practiced in a variety of settings from community-based agencies to institutions providing psychotherapy, psychological assessments and consultations. Client populations have included children, adolescents and adults, as well as families. Treatment issues that have been addressed are wide ranging, from mood issues and substance abuse to cultural and learning issues. Dr. Dong has had a lengthy history with high risk populations. Currently, Dr. Dong works for the school board, is in private practice and consults to children’s mental health centres.

Dr. Miroslaw Grygo

Dr. Miroslaw Grygo

Dr. Miroslaw Grygo completed his PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Manitoba. He has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults assisting them with a range of issues including adjustment and conduct problems, stress and anxiety related problems, depression, anger management, pain management, addictions, and effects of trauma, including PTSD. He has worked extensively with couples and families assisting them with relational issues and parenting concerns.

Dr. Grygo has worked in various institutional settings including hospitals, a residential treatment facility for youth, School Board (Child Guidance Clinic), employee assistance program, federal corrections, and in private psychological practices. His assessment experience includes clinical and psychoeducational assessments, fitness for duty assessments, threat assessments, and court ordered assessments. He is registered in Ontario to practice in the areas of clinical and forensic psychology.

Dr. Deborah Kerr

Dr. Deborah Kerr

Dr. Deborah Kerr has worked as a Psychologist for over twenty years, in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. She earned a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta, and then completed a one-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Adult Mental Health and Health Psychology at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario. Since then, she has provided psychology services in a range of settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres and pain programs, community clinics, and in her private practice.

She is currently a Registered Psychologist in Ontario, in the areas of Clinical and Health Psychology. She provides psychological assessment and treatment services for adults, including older adolescents and seniors. Common presenting problems include depression, anxiety (e.g. chronic worry, panic attacks, driving anxiety and other phobias), coping with work and/or life stresses, managing chronic health problems and chronic pain, and posttraumatic stress. She also works with couples to improve or repair relationships. She also specializes in the assessment and treatment of problems resulting from workplace injuries, motor vehicle collisions, sexual and physical assaults, and other potentially traumatic incidents.

Dr. Lesley Ruttan

Dr. Lesley Ruttan

Dr. Lesley Ruttan is a registered Psychologist practicing in the areas of Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from York University. Dr. Ruttan has been a part-time staff Neuropsychologist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute/University Health Network (TRI/UHN) since 2002 having worked with inpatient and outpatient acquired brain injury populations. Dr. Ruttan also serves as Practice Leader for Psychology at TRI/UHN and is actively involved in the training of clinical interns. She holds an Adjunct Lecturer position at the University of Toronto Scarborough’s Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science.

Dr. Ruttan provides neuropsychological and psychological assessment services (including third party independent examinations) and treatment services for adults and seniors. Common presenting problems include brain injury/illness, depression, anxiety, coping with life stressors and adjustment to injury/illness/disability. She also specializes in the assessment and treatment of individuals that have been involved in motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries.

Dr. Laura Young

Dr. Laura Young

Dr. Laura Young completed her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Victoria. She has maintained a full-time private practice at Main St. Psychological Centre since 2011. Previously, she has worked in community mental health centres, university-based clinics, and psychiatric, general, and children’s hospitals. She provides psychological treatment/psychotherapy and psychological assessment to adults, adolescents, and children presenting with a wide variety of concerns, including depression and mood issues, anxiety, substance use, trauma, personality-based concerns, and attention or learning difficulties.

Dr. Young has training and clinical experience in a wide variety of psychological treatment approaches, including psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectic behaviour therapy (DBT), and family systems therapy. She believes that relationships are a particularly important focus for therapy, as adjustment difficulties, mental health concerns, and unhealthy patterns can develop and be maintained in close relationships and can also change and improve in relationships. Dr. Young has a special interest in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and is currently completing advanced training in this area.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Confidentiality is respected at all times.

No information will be communicated, either directly or indirectly to a third party without your written, informed consent. For couples, the consent of both partners is necessary in order to release information from their common file.

Exceptions to confidentiality include legal obligation to:

  1. Inform a potential victim of violence, or the appropriate authorities, of the client’s intention to inflict harm;
  2. Inform appropriate persons, or health care professionals, of a client’s intention to end his or her life;
  3. Release a client’s file if it is subpoenaed by a court of law;
  4. Inform the Children’s Aid Society if a client is placing a child at risk for sexual or physical abuse;
  5. Report a health professional who has sexually abused a client or patient

Our psychologists may also consult with one another regarding your treatment for the purpose of enhancing client care.

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Fees for Psychological services are not covered by OHIP, but they may be covered by your group insurance plan /extended health care benefits.

Please check with your insurance provider to determine if psychological services are covered under your plan and if there are limits to your benefits.

If you receive disability or compensation benefits, psychological treatment sessions may be funded through an insurer such as WSIB, the Criminal Injuries Board, or a short or long-term disability insurer. Typically, a brief assessment must first be conducted and approval must be obtained from the insurer before treatment can begin. When people are involved in a motor-vehicle accident, their automobile insurance may provide coverage for psychological services.

The fees for all treatment and assessment services provided at MSPC are charged on an hourly basis including the fee for the initial consultation with the psychologist. All MSPC psychologists are currently charging fees below the suggested fee schedule recommended by the Ontario Psychological Association. Please call to discuss our current fees with our administrative staff.